Triage Steps for Clinic Patients with Cough and Upper Respiratory Issues

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October 31, 2019

Triage Steps for Clinic Patients with Cough and Upper Respiratory Issues

All patients will be screen for cough and fever. If the patient has a cough or upper respiratory issue they will be placed in an isolated room. They will be asked about possible contacts and have their temp and oxygen saturation taken.

If the patient has a fever and If the patient is febrile, the provider will wear a N95 mask and face shield, gloves and disposable gown. It will be up to the individual provider to decide whether the patient needs additional evaluation by the hospital ER with testing. The provider will decide whether the patient is stable enough the go by private vehicle or to call AMR.

There is a “covid” bag to be given to patients that are not sick enough to go to the hospital. The bag will have Tylenol, Tussin syrup, saline spray to assist breathing, and a mask to wear when at home for self-isolation.

The clinic also triages patients via phone. This would be for patients that might need med refills without vital signs taken and for patients with upper respiratory symptoms. If they qualify through this triage process, we will either be able to dispense the “covid” bag of essentials, refill medications for patients without having them enter the clinic or refer them to the hospital ER for testing.

Brian Dolan, Clinic Manager

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